But when he is ready to leave,When I passed by one of the tables, I suddenly heard a leisurely sentence from the guests at this table。

“how,Walking so anxiously?Don’t plan to talk to me?”
“amount?Qin Feng turned his head,Looking at this figure with his back to me,It seems to be familiar。”
“Who are you?”
At this glance, Qin Feng was so scared that his chin was almost falling。
Isn’t this Long Qianyuan??Isn’t this guy absconding as a fugitive??Dare to appear here in such a fair manner?And chatted calmly with myself, the guy who is the biggest enemy。
“Sit down!”Long Qianyuan took a sip of coffee,With a smug smile on his face。
Qin Feng naturally sat opposite him,But my brows kept frowning。
“What do you mean?Why you are here?”After asking this,Qin Feng remembered the phone call that Chen Feng made。A member of the white paper fan came to Jiangbei for the game!
No one knows what the white paper fan thinks,I don’t know his purpose。But Qin Feng felt,It’s no coincidence that Long Qianyuan appears here,Must have something to do with that one。
“Tut,Live well, Qin Feng。”
“Do not talk nonsense,answer my question,Why are you here。”Regardless of Long Qianyuan’s yin and yang tone,Qin Feng asked seriously。
“Ha ha,Young people now,I really have no patience。”
“Don’t talk nonsense,Answer my question if you don’t want to die。”Qin Feng held back his anger,He wanted to do something with this old guy。
“Maybe you guessed a bit?Yes,Man with spider behind me。What he meant,Actually I want to fight against you。After all he heard,Once there was a mercenary group that suffered in your hands。And it happened that the mercenary group was a spider。”
“Oh?”Qin Feng suddenly thought of a mercenary group named Zhang Qiang。It’s not that he has the ability to speculate,But because the Zhang Qiang mercenary group is the only mercenary organization that keeps Qin Feng’s memory fresh。