[Hawthorn sparkling wine]_Sparkling wine_Mountain red_Production method

[Hawthorn sparkling wine]_Sparkling wine_Mountain red_Production method

Hawthorn is usually a fruit, sour and sweet is more popular. Hawthorn’s nutritional value is relatively high, which is helpful for absorption and utilization by the body. It can be appetizing to promote digestion and absorption. Generally, hawthorn can be eaten, but also canWhen adding sparkling wine, you need to choose some high-quality fresh hawthorn. After cleaning, put it in the wine and add sugar.

The practice of hawthorn sparkling wine is as follows: 1.

Pick hawthorn first, don’t have worms and scars.

Wash and dry the hawthorn, dry it and remove the buttocks (remove all the black, otherwise it will affect the fermentation).


Get ready for pure water, high alcohol and white sugar.


Use a rolling pin to mash and add pure white sugar to pure water at a ratio of 1: 1 (the more sugar the alcohol content increases), add a little wine, and any wine is fine.


Stir evenly into glassware and seal with cling film. Stainless steel utensils are also available. The two layers of cling film sleeves are fastened with thin cotton threads and placed in a room temperature environment (about 21 degrees) each week for fermentation.


After one week, the filter residues are produced, and the prepared hawthorn wine is continued to be placed in the refrigerator, and the taste can be improved in about a month.