Woman’s insecurities kidney

Woman’s insecurities kidney

Women feel more insecure than men. This is not an empty point.

  Women’s suspicion of their husbands stems from the historical economic system.

  Generally speaking, men do not feel safe until their marriage is in danger, and women often worry about insecurity before danger occurs.

Hou Zhiming believes that this is determined by the physiological structure of male and female brains.

Women’s intuition is more developed, causing women to be more sensitive and more proactive.

In addition, women care more about emotions. They pursue the feeling of entrusting a lifetime and are very alert to possible changes in marriage.

Men are more concerned about sensory and rational decisions. Once they define the relationship between the two, they are too lazy to test the correctness of this relationship repeatedly, and are only satisfied with the sensory level.

Women’s suspicion of their husbands stems from the historical economic system.

In the traditional society, men’s work and women’s work, men’s work is a woman’s life security.

Women’s economic dependence on their husbands has long been more important to women’s security of their marriage emotions.

Modern homes are also homey.

In modern society, even independent women, due to the influence of traditional culture, pay more attention to the family.

The more you approve of something, the stronger your sense of insecurity.

Where does a woman who proves emotion disappear?

  Hou Zhiming believes that in emotions, women lack a sense of security, and the subjective reason is inferiority.

If women are very confident and believe that they can make themselves comfortable and happy, there will be no lack of security. The social environment indulges men and makes women more vulnerable to lack of security in gender relations.

  Professor Wang Jisheng of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the involvement of third parties in the society is indeed very common, especially the affair of men.

Twenty or thirty years ago, there were lovers outside who couldn’t lift their heads than stealing.

But now, due to social assessment orientation and foreign cultural influences, especially in some economically developed regions, there are third parties who are capable of showing men’s ability, which makes them proud.

Herd mentality has brought more men into this team that violates social morality.

  Society’s tolerance for third parties has also expanded.

The general environment is such that many friends around women may have derailed their husbands. The misfortune around them has reduced their trust. They feel that the safe environment may collapse at any time, and everything is full of uncertainty.

  Furthermore, media propaganda infects society, people interact with each other, and strengthen concepts.

For example, we only saw media reports that a woman was dumped by her husband, and her life was helpless. I did not see reports that her husband was dumped by his wife, and her life was desolate.

So we are instilled in the subconscious that women cannot be separated from their husbands, and women’s sense of security will decrease.

  Specifically for individuals, whether they can have a sense of security is also related to life experience.

  For example, the impact of divorced families on children’s sense of security.

If the father, father, and mother in the family pull the child alone, they may encounter many difficulties, and even have external threats. The mother ‘s own sense of insecurity and self-protection will be strong and instilled in the child, leaving the child subconsciousBe alert to the outside world.

In addition, when seeing the marriage tragedy of parents, I always worry that my marriage will be like the parents.

  Love and being loved are both capabilities that can be improved through learning.

  Hou Zhiming believes that love and being loved are both capabilities that can be improved through learning.

The expression and acceptance of love, in the process of this group of interactions, the sending and feedback of the message of love must be unobstructed, and then the two people’s hearts are intimate.

If a person does not get enough love in childhood, he will not be able to learn how to love, and his ability to love will be lacking. When he gets along with others, he will habitually blame others when he is slightly dissatisfied.

Having a sense of security is a state of mental health. It is a harmonious, orderly, and balanced mindset for yourself, nature, and society. It can only be achieved by removing the heart noise.

Wang Jisheng said that being able to have a sense of security is a control technique, method, and strategy.

  First, it is cognitively correct, that is, there is a correct cognitive evaluation of “stress stimulation”.

The so-called “stress stimulus” refers to a stimulus that causes anxiety.

Occasionally, the husband will not let his wife care too much about the late night, so it is not a stress stimulus; if the husband does not return all night, ask him why, and then he is full of stress.At this time, do not observe blindly, but rationally see expectations.

Cognitive changes have eliminated insecurity.

  In fact, it is emotionally consistent.

Leaving a stressful environment, music, doing what you like, distracting attention, and gradually no longer lack of security.

Maintaining a normal mind is also controlling your emotions.

  In addition, take reasonable measures to “stress stimulation”.

Suspecting that her husband is having an affair, and insulting and staring at him, this is certainly not a good solution.

May wish to discuss with her husband sincerely and openly, and perhaps resolve it.