How far is the Internet one-night stand from love

How far is the Internet one-night stand from love

In the past, if a sexually mature man watched pornographic videos and was even enthusiastic about women, the way he wanted to know women was very simple.

In addition to classmates are colleagues, or introduced by others.

Obviously, these methods are very inconvenient, because they are all acquaintances.

For example, the purpose of a man is to find a woman to go to bed, have a sex life, and then break up.

However, it seems unwise to engage in “one-night stand” with a woman introduced by an acquaintance, which will have a lot of sequelae and it is not easy for men to get out.

For example, after a one-night stand, women have children; and some women find that the diamond ring that the man gave her for thousands of dollars is a fake, less than ten dollars.

  Some people may ask, is there no other way for a man to watch a yellow video and want to have a one-night stand with a strange woman?

Yes, of course.

For example, walking on the street, a man can follow a woman he likes and make friends at the right opportunity.

This stranger visit is actually very dangerous.

If the other person is a good family woman, then the man will not play. If the other person is a chastity martyr, then the man is likely to be slapped hard by the other person, and then give the word “rogue” for free.

If the opponent is a policewoman in plain clothes, the man is completely dead.

  Of course, the ideal situation is that the woman being tracked is also very eager for one-night stand.

But even then, the woman would definitely be ladylike, and she would pull the man to the restaurant to eat, then go to the jewelry store to buy some necklaces, and then go to the big mall to buy a few fashionable clothes.

From this point of view, it is very risky for men to engage in “one-night stand” by visiting strangers on the road. Even meeting the most ideal woman will make him spend money and increase the cost of “one-night stand”.

  Modern society advocates economy, simplicity and beauty, and do not want to be arrogant in everything. Mandatory “one night stand” is no exception.

Fortunately, modern technology has created a good opportunity to create a one-night stand at the lowest cost.

In modern society, the channels and methods of contact between men and women are constantly changing, similar to online chat.

  The biggest advantage of online chat is that in the unfamiliar state, men and women can place a “one-night stand” relatively quickly, and even some plausible opening remarks or necessary false transitions are quick, the cost is very low, and the cost of farting can beProven beauty.

If the chat quickly reached a consensus on the “one-night stand”, then the time and place is next.

Of course, if necessary, the two parties can also see each other ‘s image or anticipate the expenses incurred before they meet, so as to avoid “one night stand” not to be too disappointed, and even a dispute arises due to the cost issue, and they fight hard, changing from “one night stand” to “one nighthurt”.

  Among the men and women who tried “one-night stand”, in addition to partly because of pure animal instincts, and partly because of dating, they were eager to find a love destination through fast-food pairing such as “one-night stand”.

No matter how many people have many definitions of love, there is one thing in common, that is, eternity, that is, the more popular, that is, longer.

Of course, this time is not necessarily the time when two people get along, but it is more a psychological time.

  If strangers and men and women find true love through “one-night stand”, it is difficult for each other to wear away in each other’s hearts, then even if one side is from this day after the other, then love will always exist in their hearts.

But this situation is relatively rare and almost non-existent.

  The reason for leaving a perfect impression of each other after “one night” is that the number of “one night stands” is too few and many problems have not been exposed. If “two night stands”, “three night stands” and “n night stands” may be evaluated by each otherBe objective.

  The crux of the problem is not that men and women can understand each other after a few nights. The crux of the problem is that if you want to find love through one-night stand, in fact, both men and women are passive from the beginning.

  The focus of the “one-night stand” is not that Shengsheng men and women meet quickly, the key is that Shengsheng men and women go to bed after sex and have sex.

If unfamiliar boys and girls open a room and break up after drinking a cup of coffee, this is not called a “one-night stand”.

So the key is whether men and women can find love after they have sex for the first time.

There are many possibilities, full of variables.

  There is no doubt that many men give women a flattering purpose, and they want to finally get a woman’s body by moving the woman’s soul.

If the “one-night stand” allows men to acquire women’s bodies without paying any cost, then they continue to want to impress women’s souls.

If a woman offered her body in “One Night Stand”, it would be ridiculous that she would pretend to be a lady or a bird in front of a man in the future, because the gesture of sexual intercourse on the bed was portrayed in the heart of the man for the first time, and it is difficult to wear away.
The existence of “one-night stand” allows men and women to show an abnormal state in the development of love in the future, and ultimately no one knows their relationship.

  So it is difficult to predict whether love can be reached from “one night stand”.

But relatively speaking, non-one-night stand has more opportunities to harvest beautiful love.For example, strangers and men and women met unexpectedly on the Internet. Everyone was very speculative. They never thought about asking each other for photos or videos. In the free state of each other, they might be able to wipe out sparks of love.

It’s not hard to imagine how exciting it is to be able to chat sweetly for a year and a half under such an orientation without any physical contact or even knowing the other person’s looks.

For men, this is to get rid of low-level tastes and get great love enjoyment.

  At this moment, men have forgotten the plump flesh of women and gained their beautiful souls. In this way, even if they meet in the future, men can understand that the lover in their dreams is a hippopotamus, because hippos also have the right to estrus.