Running and skipping, which is stovepipe?

Running and skipping, which is stovepipe?

There are all kinds of sports in our lives. If you can persist, you can achieve good results in your body training, and you can better help you shape your body, solve problems and avoid too many problems.Nowadays, many people are more familiar with running and skipping to lose weight, but have you ever understood these two kinds of sports, which one is more helpful to help your stovepipe?


  Recommended jogging, pay attention to jogging.

If you run very fast and the distance is shorter, the muscles on your legs will get thicker and thicker.

It will be good to run for an hour or so.

If you allow your physical strength, you can do it for an hour and a half.

After running, take a slow walk and relax your leg muscles.

Then the legs are separated and slender, and shoulder width.

  Bend down and try to touch the ground with both hands.

At this time, if you feel the muscles of the calf have a feeling of stretching and soreness, you are doing the right thing.

Hold for 15 seconds each time.

Stand up and bend again.

It can be done in about three minutes.

Then massage the legs.

15 minutes or so.

Feeling that the muscles of the calf are loose, no longer tight, just fine.

This can thin legs and not long muscles.

  Skipping rope can also lose weight. After more than 30 minutes, I believe that after understanding these contents, everyone should have a more comprehensive understanding of exercise weight loss. As long as we choose the most suitable exercise weight loss method, it can be better.Keep your body, easily get rid of fat accumulation and keep your body.