“I have 300 million,It was made directly。”Jiang Tianguang said directly,He knows a lot。

“I also have 300 million。”Huang Junjie smiled and said,He already understands,This is the big ship,It’s no longer a question of who can’t get on,But does anyone have a chance to go。
Want money,Most people have。
Just is there such a chance,That’s part of people’s affairs。
Qin Feng called Lin Weiwei。
After getting the funds needed here,I also pondered over there for a few seconds,And then said:“five billion,Within one day,It’s just that the relationship there must be coordinated,We can’t do this directly。”
This sum of money is also too big to go against the sky。
It can be said,As long as there are no surprises,This capital may detonate the local economy。
“Two leaders,This matter has been negotiated,Within a day,Five billion arrived,Lin Family, the provincial capital,You guys know it too。”Qin Feng said directly。
Many things can’t be kept from others,There is no need to hide it。
“what,It turned out to be that place,understood,After this meal,You go out with me。”
Gao Hao also said a little eagerly,He knows if this is really the case,Even if the funds don’t do much here,Then they can get a lot of things。
Qin Feng didn’t expect that guy to be so anxious。
But such a thing is also good,At least there will be no trouble。
Eat one meal,All of them are a little absent-minded。
There is no way,Such a big investment,Even if it doesn’t divide profit,But one by one borrowed such news to give some convenience in their own home,That’s ok。
This thing is also normal,Everyone already thinks and understands。
After a meal,Qin Feng got a car from Tianguang out of the house。
There is no way,Qin Feng doesn’t have a car。
Several people went straight to the county seat。