Women know how to keep their hearts in order to stay beautiful

Women know how to keep their hearts in order to stay beautiful

Speaking of beauty, some women can accept some skin care products for external use, and of course, some women will eat some beauty foods.

But these are not enough.

Because beauty is important to learn to cultivate heart.

This heart refers to the heart.

How can the heart be raised?

The following editors put forward some health recommendations from various aspects of daily life.

  See “Tibetan Elephants” in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”.

It refers to the internal organs hidden in the body; elephant refers to the physiological and pathological phenomena manifested outside.

The Tibetan elephant theory is a theory that studies the physiological functions, pathological changes, and their relationships of each internal organs of the human body by observing the physiological and pathological phenomena of the human body.

This also corresponds to the doctrine of “Inside the Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, “There are insides, they must be outside.”

That is, what really reflects our liver and gallbladder is our complexion and face.

  The “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” states: “The heart has the blood,” “the pulse, the blood house,” and “the blood belongs to the heart.”

The blood in the whole body runs in the pulse, and it depends on the beating of the heart. Only when the heart is healthy, the blood can exert its supporting effect on the body.

Although the human face is smooth, there are very rich blood vessels hidden under the surface.

So, the color of your face partially reflects the function of the heart’s blood vessels.

The main blood is the heart, the god is the god, and the sacrifice is on the tongue; the liver is the main blood, the main confluence, the main tendon, and the spleen is on the eye; the spleen is mastered, the main blood is the main muscle, the main muscle is on the mouth; the lung is qi, Si Xuansu,Pass the water channel, the main fur, and open the nose to the nose; the kidney hides the essence, the main water, the main bone, the raw pulp, the brain, the main qi, and the ears.

  A woman who is attentive is the most beautiful. If a woman does not cultivate her heart, she is just a foolish gardener who only thinks about how to grow leaves but does not understand how to water and nourish the roots of plants.

The face is a beauty’s signboard. To raise your face is not only to raise its shape, but also to raise its god. The mind is in the heart. With its presence in the face, we can start to really raise our face by starting from the heart.

When our brainpower is inadequate, this face looks pale and unhealthy, without gloss.

Even if we have the best cosmetics, they can only be flashy. What we envy is true beauty.

  So where do we start?

  Anyone who knows Chinese medicine knows that the cultivation of the heart must begin with the cultivation of the gods.

Modern people’s lives are under great pressure, and it is common for modern people to be distressed.

Nourishing God must first do not hurt God.

The sad movements in life are nothing more than excessive mental labor and mental stress.

Every time I see people on the streets and subways, I always feel that they are consuming their energy.

“Lao Tzu” once said: “Everyone whispers, I whisper, more people bother me but less, everyone is terrible and I am not angry.

Not tired of personnel, indifferent, self-sufficient, thinking of medicine for immortality.

“If you can level your mind in your life, you will have fun, and you will have grace when you have fun.

  Let’s start the “defense of the heart” at the table.

Nutritionists believe that the health of the heart is richly linked to the nutrition of the daily diet.

  Reassurance Food Fish has lower fats and saturated fatty acids than most meats. Even so, these fats and fatty acids can increase good cholesterol and reduce harmful cholesterol in human blood.

  Soybeans Soybeans contain a large amount of essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids in the body, which can promote trace and plasma metabolism in the body and maintain cardiovascular patency.

  Black sesame Black sesame is rich in vitamin E, which has a great effect on maintaining the elasticity of blood vessel walls.

In addition, it is rich in α-linolenic acid, which can lower blood pressure and prevent thrombosis.

  Carrots and spinach Spinach is mixed with folic acid.

Studies have shown that taking folic acid can reduce the risk of heart disease by 25%.

Carotene in carrots can be converted into vitamin A, which can keep blood vessels open.  Green tea is extremely rich in nutritional ingredients, the most notable of which is tea polyphenols.

Studies have found that tea polyphenols can reduce the content of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, have the effects of preventing arteriosclerosis, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, and preventing thrombosis.

  Potatoes Potatoes are rich in calcium, vitamin C, sodium, potassium, iron, etc., especially the potassium content is the most, containing 502mg of potassium per 100g, which is a rare high potassium vegetable.

Heart disease, especially patients with cardiac insufficiency, is often accompanied by hypokalemia.

But fried potato foods are also bad for the heart.

  Jianxin Massage Acupoints: The acupoints that belong to the meridians of the palms of the hand are located in the middle of the axilla, between the two tendons, and the artery should be at the hand.

  Indications: (1) A variety of heart diseases and heart pain.

  (2) Cold and elbow of the arm, shoulder arthritis, intercostal neuralgia, myocarditis, angina pectoris, thirst for thirst and desire to drink, arm odor, septicaemia and other diseases.

  (3) upper limb numbness.

  Self-acupoint massage: (1) Sit with your hands flat, raise your palms upwards, bend your elbows, palms toward your head.

  (2) Stepping on the depression in the middle of the elbow socket with your other fingers and fingertips, you have a particularly sore sensation.

  (3) Knead each morning and evening for 1-3 minutes, first left then right.

  Acupoints: Qu Ze Acupoint According to Acupuncture A and B Classic: “Heartache, cough and inverse, Qu Ze is the master, bleeding is already”; “Qian Jin Fang” said: “Qu Ze, Da Ling, the main heart sorrow, surprise”Bronze Man” Zhongyun: “Healing heartache, warming up, thirsty, dry mouth, vomiting and vomiting blood, wind, trembling, elbow, wrist and hand.

These are all the effects of Quze Point.

Qu means liver; Ze means moisturizing and moisturizing.

  Why does “qu” stand for liver?

According to “Shang Shu Hong Fan”, “Mu Yue Qu Zhi.

“Because of the five elements, the liver belongs to wood, and the straightness means that the straightness in the song means straightness, rigidity and softness. The normal attribute of liverwood is” toughness and toughness “, just like the” tendon “that the liver has.

Therefore, this acupoint has the effect of protecting the liver, and is very effective for preventive muscle contraction, hand and foot twitching, irritability, dizziness, and dizziness.

  Quze Point can also treat vomiting, according to “Lingshu · Shunqi is divided into four hours a day”: “Sickness in the stomach and those who get sick with diet can not be taken together.

The bloodletting of the thorns and collaterals in Quze acupoint has the functions of opening the qi and removing evils, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and clearing the channels and channels.