Yiming and Chu Yao nodded,Of course they know what Xiao Fan means,The two of them have been with Xiao Fan for so long,Many times a silent understanding has been formed。

Even if Xiao Fan doesn’t say anything,Just a look,The two of them can know Xiao Fan’s instructions,Or what Xiao Fan asked them to do。
On this point, several of them have always been in good agreement,Then Chu Yao smiled and asked:“Fan,Didn’t you say you have something to deal with recently??We thought you would wait a few days before coming,I didn’t expect you to come right away。”
Xiao Fan paused,Actually think of those things at home,The school is more willing to travel abroad,So he also covered up:“It’s nothing,I just haven’t done anything recently,The domestic companies Shen Lin and Su Ran are already taking care of them very well.。
The two of them have made great progress over the years,So some things can be handed over to them,I am also very satisfied,Being able to come here is also a relaxation,If possible,Let’s go out and play together。”
Both Yiming and Chu Yao are very happy,Although their work is sometimes really tired,Or it’s more work than others,But Xiao Fan never treated them badly
Now Xiao Fan’s subordinates Zhong Yiming and Chu Yao are both able to rank on the list of the richest in the world.,But the two of them are low-key,Never show off how many assets you have。
These are brought to them by Xiao Fan,They know how to be grateful,So I never betrayed Xiao Fan,Won’t think about leaving Xiao Fan,I have always done my duty conscientiously。
Because Xiao Fan knew this,So I feel more at ease with them,Able to handle all of their affairs。After Xiao Fan came to the hotel,First I called Lin Yoona,But I realized that Lin Yoona’s voice was not right,Like crying。
Xiao Fan asked carefully:“Yoona,what happened to you?Is something wrong??You tell me,I can go back now。”
Lin Yuner quickly stopped Xiao Fan and said:“no,Don’t you come back,You are busy with your work,I’m just in a bad mood。”
Chapter Ninety Fifteen Overseas business trip
Soon after a while, Lin Yoona went downstairs with her luggage,Then he said hurriedly:“I’ll go out for a while,I won’t live at home during this time。”
Yes,This is Lin Yoona after careful consideration,Just made this decision,sometimes,She herself can’t even see her current self,Because she feels that the current self is less and less like the imaginary self,She doesn’t know when she became the way she is now,so,Now she needs to change her environment,Strive to become the imaginary self earlier。
Liu Chunlan quickly stopped Lin Yuner and said:“Where are you going?Xiao Fan is not at home, why are you running around?,I promised to take good care of you,Besides, it’s not safe for you to go out now,It’s so messy outside now. What do you want to do when you go out?。”
Lin Yuna froze for a while,Then turned his head and said to Liu Chunlan very seriously:“mom,I am not a kid anymore,I also know you can treat me like a little princess,But this doesn’t mean I can’t have my own life,Not able to act,So I also hope to have my own independent space。”
After speaking, he left Lin’s family directly,Then I drive my car to a single-family apartment I bought before,Leave Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan,The two looked at each other,I do not know what to say。
Xiao Fan has already set off at this time,Come abroad to deal with more important things,After Yiming and Chu Yao knew that Xiao Fan was coming,,Also prepared a lot in advance,The purpose is to be able to handle everything possible when Xiao Fan comes。