And those three kids,Twice,He saw that girl with them,Look good。

Three kids?
The average family rarely has more than three children,Those teenagers with her,What is the relationship with her?
relative?Not quite like,The girl’s dress is simple,but,He just came back from abroad,When buying gifts for family,Seen in the luxury window。
That is a niche brand abroad,There should be no agent in China,She can wear it,Not from an ordinary family。
The clothes of those teenagers,Can’t be ordinary,Not from an environment at all。
neighbor?No no no,From the girl’s dress,The place to live should be a higher-end community,No ordinary people will show up。
Could it be.orphan?
SCBig earthquake,AThe city has accepted many orphans there,Those teenagers are not among those orphans, are they??
Donate to orphanage,Secretary Yang is impulsive,Premeditated?Or that girl.It’s her?
Huo Yunhe stood up suddenly,He has an impulse,Want to rush out immediately,Take off the unsightly glasses on her face,Look at her true face!
The fist-sized thing in the chest is thumping,A strong shock rushes to the brain,He was dizzy。
Intuition is a woman’s patent,He, a big man known for his reason, doesn’t believe in such nonsense.,but,This feeling is too strong,Once the head emerges, it can’t be suppressed,Tell her intuitively,The girl who made his heart beat,Secretary Yang sitting outside the office。
He is pacing around in the office,Standing at the window for a while and looking into the distance,Sit in a chair and go around,The big hand with well-defined joints is sometimes opened and sometimes clenched,So repeated for a long time,Just let out a deep breath,Looking at the coffee cup on the table in a daze。