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Refusing to be a yellow face woman

Did the “Women’s Day” just now make you feel a lot and feel like you are slowly becoming a “yellow face woman” in the passage of time.

Taking a self-portrait in the mirror, I found that the white and translucent skin in the past has already turned yellow, and looks dull and rough.

Eliminate the yellow war, start now, do not let yourself be reduced to “yellow face woman”.

  · What are the causes of yellow gas on the face?

  Yellow air means that the skin on the face is dull, dull, dull, and has a yellowish complexion.

There are many reasons for this. Except for natural causes, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light; chronic skin dehydration; aging; poor blood circulation; or hotter weather and more sweating, it is easy to yellow the skin.

  · What are the main types of products that remove yellow gas on the market?

In addition, what is the principle of removing yellow gas?

  From the big aspects, there are skin care and make-up. The make-up mainly refers to the foundation, and the effect is immediate. After you apply it, your face will look better immediately.

Here I mainly talk about skin care.

At present, there are several types of skin care products for removing yellow gas: whitening; moisturizing; brightening skin tone; and antioxidant.

  The principle of whitening products to remove yellow gas is to whiten the skin, lighten pigmentation, and make the skin clear and transparent.

Suitable for patchy skin.

  The principle of removing yellow gas from moisturizing products is: replenish skin moisture, so that the skin is nourished.

Suitable for oily and dry skin.

  The principle of removing yellow qi from brightening complexion products is that skin care products containing vitamin C can promote blood circulation and make the skin shiny.

  The anti-yellow gas principle of antioxidant products is: inhibit the production of melanin.

  · Many products that remove yellow gas say that since their products can whiten, they can also remove yellow gas. Is the whitening product the same as the product that removes yellow gas?

  Some products are indeed like this, which can whiten or remove yellow gas, but the whitening products are mainly to lighten spots, and then brighten the complexion and make the skin look alternative.

The pure anti-yellow gas products mainly improve blood circulation.

  · Do you use yellow skin care products with other products of the same brand?

  Can be used together.

But with other brands of products, there is no problem.

The key is to see if the skin accepts it.

  · What things can you pay attention to in life to get rid of yellow gas?

  80% of the skin’s aging is caused by ultraviolet radiation, so if you want to make your skin tone free of yellow gas, you must sunscreen. In Guangzhou, you must use sunscreen with a sun protection index of 40-50 in summer.

On cloudy days, rainy days, or sitting in the office, you should also apply sunscreen, because the ultraviolet A wavelength is very long, it can penetrate glass and directly irradiate the dermis layer of the skin, so that the dermis layer prolongs and breaks.

  · How to adjust the diet can eliminate yellow gas?

  Eat more vitamin C foods, such as oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, and strawberries.

  · People with oily skin, dry skin and mixed skin are suitable to choose a certain anti-yellow gas product?

  For oily skin, choose refreshing products, multi-layer lotions, water, and gel-like products.

  Dry skin can be moisturized with a creamy product.

  But the most important thing is to see the penetrating power. If it feels very moist after rubbing, but it feels very dry in the afternoon, then there is no penetrating, just the surface layer hydrating.

  Skin wounds, please scab before use!

  · If black people have acne, invisible acne, or a small scratch on their body, is it suitable for skin care products that remove yellow gas?

How do I perform maintenance?

  It works, but it is recommended to use a light spot product.

If there is a wound, it is recommended to use it after scabbing, and use whitening essence and sunscreen products.   · Can sun-damaged skin be treated with yellow skin care products?

  It is recommended to use curry-like whitening products to remove yellow gas.