Workplace rumors hurt three groups

Workplace rumors hurt three groups

According to a recent Hong Kong Wen Wei Po report, Dutch human resources company Landsted conducted an online survey of 2,429 employees in the United States. The results show that 60% of people think that gossip in the workplace is the most intolerable.

I believe that domestic workers are no less averse to rumors than Americans, but rumors in the workplace have not stopped for a day.

Who is more likely to fall victim to rumors?

What are their common weaknesses in character?

  Personality is not independent.

Xiao Zhang went to the company to do things, and the work was done brilliantly.

But colleagues often consciously or unintentionally say, “Is there anyone on top of me, but can’t I do well?”

Hearing these cynicism, Xiao Zhang began to doubt his ability and immediately resigned.

  People who are not independent are easily hurt by rumors. They have never really faced themselves. Almost all self-evaluations are based on other people’s evaluations.

They always think that “if others say I can do it, I can do it; if others say I can’t do it, I can’t.”

If they take the rumors as a public opinion of their colleagues, they will doubt their ability, and some will even give up.

  ”Princess Complex” and “Prince’s Disease”.

Sun Lin has always been smooth from childhood.

In the unit, she asks herself to do her best no matter what job.

But the leader recently assigned a task that made her mess up.

This allowed colleagues who loved to chew the tongue to find an opportunity to start spreading “beauty without brain”.

This annoyed her.

  In fact, Sun Lin’s doubts partly come from the so-called “princess complex”-she has always been easy to make her everything perfect.

Once defeated and frustrated, she had already scolded herself half-hearted in her heart, and combined with the sarcasm of others, the frustration became stronger.

  Ambitious person.

Mr. Li sees promotion as more important than anything else, and strictly demands himself in all aspects.

As a college student, he and Li Hong walked very close.

It didn’t take long for people to say that they were engaging in extramarital affairs.

This makes Mr. Li sleepless.

  Ambitious people often worry a lot.

This is because they always want to establish a positive image in front of people and cannot tolerate a bit of distortion.

If they encounter rumors, they will exaggerate the power of rumors and think that their efforts are wasted.

  Poet Guo Xiaochuan said well: “The slander of malicious intent can only make people stand tall and clear-headed.

“This will give some inspiration to those who are trapped by rumors: if they know that the other party’s misconduct is wrong, they should do it right and do it straight.

Only in this way can “the clear person clear himself, the turbid person clear himself”.

In addition, some rumors may be unintentional, which requires you to stay awake.

Just in time to reflect on yourself, if it is really because you have made a bad impression on others, you must correct it quickly, and the rumors will disappear.