“Eight branches?”

Qin Feng frowned,You know that Chen Wensen said that the gatekeeper is just a peripheral force in Skynet,Not even the real members of Skynet can reach。
Now it’s eight branches?
Qin Feng suddenly felt,Did Chen Wensen conceal what he said last time??
At this time, Chen Wensen continued:“Qin Feng,Last time I didn’t have time to tell you clearly about this organization,Maybe it’s because I was a little confused。Tell you so,Skynet is a general term,of course,The highest team is also called Skynet,But under Skynet,There is an organization that claims to be a spider。And our gatekeeper,Belongs to one of the eight branches of spiders。”
“amount,What kind of network is this?Wouldn’t this form be troublesome?”
“Of course trouble,Because the spider only appeared after Qin’s affairs。To know,After more than ten years of development,Skynet is now hiding deeper and deeper,Now many predators around the world know only spiders,I don’t know that the spider is actually only serving Skynet。”
“So amazing?”
Qin Feng frowned,He found,The water about Skynet is really terrifying。
Want to engage in skynet,You have to get the spider first?Otherwise Skynet won’t be able to surface?
Qin Feng smiled bitterly,But think about it,The Qin Family’s destruction has already happened fifteen years ago,And at that time,Skynet is so scary,After 15 years of development,Did they make no progress at all??It is absolutely impossible!
The more I think,Qin Fengyue is helpless。
“and so,what should I do?”Qin Feng’s faith is still a little shaken for the first time。But soon he became firm again,After all, he thinks he definitely has the ability to do it。
“Let alone those far away,The gatekeeper will definitely send a clearer to deal with me。At least two people!Their strength,Can defeat me in three strokes。The Surgeon is not even an upright member of our Gatekeeper,It’s the most powerful division among the spiders.。They don’t usually do,To deal specifically with mutinous members.”
Speaking of which,Chen Wensen is somewhat afraid at this time。
Originally, he planned to die after fighting Qin Feng。But Qin Feng let go and survived,Since I can live,Then he naturally doesn’t want to die,The last thing I want is to die in my own hands。After thinking about it,He began to find other ways to deal with it。
He can see how powerful Qin Feng is,If you really want to fight,He even felt,Qin Feng may be able to defeat the Surgeon,So as to save his life。