What are the tips for buying proprietary Chinese medicines?

What are the tips for buying proprietary Chinese medicines?

Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, Chinese patent medicines are made of Chinese herbal medicines as raw materials, and are formulated according to the principle of “Jun, Chen, Zuo, Zhi”, which has a certain effect and scope of treatment, and is processed according to the regulations.A certain dosage form of commercial medicine.

Then, what do you mean by “Jun, Chen, Zuo, Shi”?

  Jun medicine is a drug that plays a major role in the main disease or main disease.

Its potency is the first of its kind, and its dosage is often also bonded.

The drug has two functions.

The first is to supplement the drug to strengthen the therapeutic effect of the drug on the main disease; the second is to prevent and treat the main disease.

The adjuvant has three effects.

The first is to strengthen the therapeutic effect of two kinds of drugs of Jun and Chen on the disease; the second is to eliminate or slow down the toxicity and potency of the two drugs; and the third is that some of the adjuvant drugs, although opposite to the drug of the drug, can be used in the treatment of the drug.Auxiliary role.

The drug can help the messenger in the treatment.

The medicine can not only introduce medicine into the classics, but also reconcile various medicines.

  In each prescription, the monarch is the must-have “the first of the dragons”, but the medicine, the adjuvant, the medicine does not necessarily have.

Sometimes a single drug does not only play a role in the prescription.

  With the deepening of the reform of the medical system and the popularization of medical and health knowledge, the phenomenon of people purchasing medicines in pharmacies is increasing.

But how can I buy the medicine and buy it?

  First, pay attention to the approval number of the drug.

Purchase Chinese medicine for treatment and gradually purchase health care medicine.

Generally, you should buy a medicine labeled with the national medicine standard, and try not to buy or buy less medicine marked with the local approval number.

  Second, carefully select the drug instruction manual when selecting the drug, and then select one or several proprietary Chinese medicines according to the efficacy of the drug, or purchase the proprietary Chinese medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

  Third, when purchasing proprietary Chinese medicines, pay attention to the validity period or expiration date of the medicines to ensure that you can buy good quality products.

  Some medicines are not available in pharmacies.

This is because the drug itself is a general commodity.

It is directly related to the health and life of every individual in the whole society, and it is related to the happiness and tranquility of thousands of families.

Therefore, medicines have their particularity, specificity and rigor.

Depending on these characteristics of the drug, it can be divided into prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Non-prescription drugs are drugs that can be purchased directly at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.

A prescription drug is a drug that requires a doctor to prescribe it.

These include certain analgesics or addictive drugs such as dulamine, morphine, etc., as well as drugs that must be used under strict medical supervision, such as certain injections, freeze-dried powders, contrast agents, diagnostic drugs, and acupoints.Drug injections, etc.

Compound Danshen Injection is a prescription drug, so there is no doctor’s prescription and it is not available in pharmacies.