Instinct dieting method to lose weight successfully does not rebound

Instinct dieting method to lose weight successfully does not rebound

Instinct-Diet is the latest popular diet in the United States.

It takes three stages to achieve the ideal weight and does not rebound.

This diet is especially effective for women who like to eat sweets.

  A study by Tufts University in Boston, USA, confirmed the magical effect of the instinct diet.

The results of the study showed that the overweight people who participated in the test had an average weight loss of 20 kg after the instinct diet, and some even had more than 20 kg. They did not need extra exercise, and the health status, especially the high blood pressure and blood pressure.Great improvement.

  Susan B, the five instinctive American diet nutrition psychologist of the Instinct Dieting Law.

Roberts proposed a practical approach in the “Instinct Dieting Law”.

According to this new diet, dieters should recognize the five instinct of eating: ● hunger: the need to fill the stomach.

  ● Habituality: There will always be constant demand for foods that bring a good taste.

  ● Diversity: When there are multiple choices, it is always easy to eat too much.

  ● Available: Eat because the food is within easy reach.

  ● High calories: People always expect high-calorie foods to love.

  The five instinctive coping strategies are innate instinct. People always love high-calorie foods, prefer sweets, and love the delicious food of their taste buds. These are human instinct.

This instinct usually sustains a variety of dieting methods that are hopeless and half-way.

Now let’s see all kinds of unsustainable diets!

Susan B.
Roberts tells you that you have purposefully changed the five instincts of eating, both healthy and effective, without losing interest in eating.

As long as you learn to control these five instincts, you can quickly and permanently reduce the numb excess weight.

  First of all, everyone should pay attention to the most obvious instinct hidden in the body, whether it is controlled by high-card food, or accustomed to love yourself, let yourself be surrounded by a lot of food.

Once you have found that key factor, you can gradually presume the most appropriate diet plan for you.

After completing this step, learn to master the three stages of the instinct dieting diet: two weeks to start dieting, six weeks to adhere to diet, personal long-term diet program.

  It is easy to cause a hint. You must first find out from the five instinct of eating that you are the most threatening instinct in your diet: ● Obesity If you have a bad diet, you will often feel tired.

When you start practicing a diet, your appetite will rise unconsciously.

  Correspondence: You should find a way to be more full.

Eat more carbohydrates and protein foods and eat less carbohydrates.

A combination of high glycemic index and low glycemic index should be chosen.

  ● Habitual people will have a preference for the familiar foods that they love to eat. For example, they are most familiar with the favorite snack pork chops, crispy scones or other delicious snacks. This is a challenge for you and an appetite from the instinct.It makes it difficult for you to refuse.

In addition, when you feel happy and happy, stressful or excited, it is also a time to absorb calorie bombs.

  Coping style: Try new foods.

Regular meals can also make the body grow into a habit of not wanting to eat any more.

  ● A dazzling array of things, this will not be considered at the time of purchase, immediately put a variety of chocolate, fried potato chips, cheese and other calorie bombs one by one on the shopping cart.
  Coping style: Before purchasing in the supermarket, book a detailed shopping list so that you can consciously limit purchases and even choose healthy foods without purchasing non-healthy foods.

For food stored in refrigerators, healthy foods must account for at least 50%.

  ●You can get people to eat sometimes because there are foods to eat around!

So you can plunder your food cabinet!

If you store a lot of food, then you will unconsciously continue to pick it up.

  Coping style: Do not find excuses.

To hoard sweets, it is best to store healthy and pleasing foods.  ●The foods with high calorie calorie content are very good in taste, so they usually buy and eat, and the more you eat, the more you want to eat, such as: chocolate, salty snacks (peanuts, fried potato chips, etc.), caloriesThe content is all high, but people are loved.

  Coping style: Mix a small amount of calorie-intake food with a low-calorie, cellulosic and protein-rich food.

This kind of coping style is called “sandwich” recipes by Americans – eat a little calorie bomb food, with a lot of low-calorie and cellulose-infused foods.

  The three stages of the instinct diet are strictly speaking. The instinct diet is also a diet that can transfer the whole life.

In order to achieve long-term slimming effect and maintain good health, this is indeed the most sensible dieting method, because it loses slightly rather than water, does not produce the same consequences as most quick dieting methods, as for the rebound effectThe chances are even less.

Then, enter the three stages of instinct dieting: Phase 1: Entering the two-week instinct to enter the first phase of the two-week instinct diet, the most important thing is to strictly follow the steps below: set a timetable and strictly abide by.

Allow two snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Once people develop the habit of eating regularly, it will not be so easy to produce high temperature.

Choose foods that can quickly eliminate the sense of drought while maintaining a sense of fullness for a long time, such as foods that increase stomach capacity (such as soups, green vegetables) and fiber-filled foods (such as whole wheat bread, vegetables).

Refined carbohydrates, such as sugar and alcohol, should not be eaten. Instead, they are low-fat proteins (such as fish, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products).

  Stage 2: Adhere to the six-week instinct diet Now you must insist on practicing the instinct diet.

In the second phase of the six-week instinct diet, remember to develop a separate diet plan.

Dietary characteristics at this stage: a healthier diet with healthy snacks.

You can reward yourself with 100 calories per day.

The series can also be used as a spare for eating a delicious ice cream to drive away mites; you don’t have to keep desserts thousands of miles away.

  Stage 3: The ultimate goal of a long-term instinct diet: After the first two stages of persistence, you must refresh your previous weight, so keep your weight from now on.

Therefore, weigh and control calorie intake every week.

If your weight has increased by more than 1 kg at this stage, restart the first phase of the diet.

Artificial sweeteners and refined carbohydrates (such as white flour or sugar) are also prohibited in the third stage.

  Dieters at this stage allow occasional chocolate, candy, and a small amount of cream or alcohol.

This is because dieters are now free to spend some calorie daily demand to stimulate the enthusiasm and persistence of dieting.