Sense of harmony,Fu Xiaoyi didn’t have any twists or even embarrassment。

It’s as natural as kissing my boyfriend again。
And Fu Xiaoyi’s actions,On the contrary, Qin Feng was at a loss。
Qin Feng just didn’t find out,It turns out that Fu Xiaoyi is wearing one today,Black one-piece skirt。
White thighs at this time,Kneeling on Qin Feng’s lap,It made Qin Feng instantly feel blind。
“I say fairy,Can we come down first,I’m afraid I can’t stand you like this。”Qin Feng shouted helplessly。
Do you have to do it again today“Beasts”Thing,So beautiful in my arms,Can’t touch yet,For a man,Really tortured。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Six Instead of getting worse
“what happened to you,Can’t stand it anymore?”Fu Xiaoyi doesn’t know if he really doesn’t understand,Still pretending not to understand,Not only not down,On the contrary。
“You little fairy,I don’t seem to show you some color,You won’t let go。”Saying that Qin Feng put his hand on Fu Xiaoyi’s ass,Took a few hard shots。