“Although I shouldn’t ask this question,but……”Chen Geng asked little MacDonald curiously:“What are you going to do next?”

“honestly,I do not know either。”
“do not know?”Chen Geng was surprised。
“I really don’t know,”Little MacDonald smiled bitterly:“Fernandez,I confessed to you,I am tired now,Really tired。”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Chen Geng did not answer positively,But he asked with a smile:“What do you say?”
“You guy……”
Little MacDonald shook his head,He was also not sure whether Chen Geng was scaring Macomb.·Hughes is still real,But since Chen Geng is not willing to say,Naturally he can’t continue to ask。
Chen Geng,Very curious about Hanxiang:“I heard that Boeing put pressure on Hanxiang?”
Little MacDonald nodded heavily,Speaking of this,There was a bit of hatred in his eyes suddenly:“Boeing bastards,Even used such a despicable trick。”
Boeing’s approach is not so despicable,It’s just that the three senators are in personal capacity with4VSome of the leaders called,Expressed a bit about the practices of Hanxiang and McDonnell Douglas“Concern”That’s it,And for4VFor those leaders who don’t have knees in front of American fathers,U.S. Senator is simply heaven,Now dad is talking,It scared them and shivered,I notified Hanxiang Company the first time,Ask them to immediately、Stop contacting McDonnell Douglas immediately,It is clearly required that Hanxiang Company shall not cooperate with McDonnell Douglas Company。
“But you have to admit,This trick seems to work。”