[Chilled bamboo shoots]_Chilled bamboo shoots_How to make_How to make

[Chilled bamboo shoots]_Chilled bamboo shoots_How to make_How to make

Cold bamboo shoots can be said to be a more delicious cold food in summer, with bright color and crispy taste. As a cold food, it has always been very popular. So how should cold bamboo shoots be paired with some of the ingredients?

You can refer to the methods detailed at level 1.

First, method production: 1.

Remove the green bamboo shoots, peel off the skin, wash and drain the water, cut into thin filaments; peel and wash the carrots, cut into thin filaments; wash the sprouts.

Boil boiling water in the pot, add a spoonful of salt and some oil, add carrot shreds and bean sprouts, simmer for one minute, remove and immerse in cold boiling water. After cooling, remove the drained water.

Pour two large spoons of oil into the pan, heat to 50% heat, pour a handful of peppercorns, fry over low heat, turn off the heat when the color of the peppercorns becomes dark, filter out the peppercorns, and leave the peppercorn oil.

Add green bamboo shoot shreds, carrot shreds, and bean sprouts into a large bowl. First mix in an appropriate amount of sesame oil and two teaspoons pepper oil, then add rice vinegar, salt, monosodium glutamate, and mix well.

Second, the main ingredients are 200 grams of lettuce. Method / Step 1. Wash the lettuce, peel it, shred the lettuce, and chopped ginger and garlic. 2. Place the shredded bamboo shoots in a dish and salt to marinate the water in the shredded bamboo shootsCome out for a few minutes and it will be fine.

3. After pickled, the color of lettuce silk should be brighter and taste better.

No smell.

Discard excess water.

Rinse the salt with cold water.

4, then add condiments, ginger, minced garlic, smoke a portion, put more vinegar.

5. Sprinkle with cooked white sesame seeds, heat a little cooking oil and pour on top.

Then mix well.

Third, tips 1.

Vegetables are boiled and drenched to keep the color bright and crispy.


Zanthoxylum oil can be fried more at a time. Fill the sealed bottle with inexhaustible ingredients. Add a bit when mixing cold dishes to enrich the taste.


In the last step, first add oil and mix the vegetables well, which can greatly reduce the vegetable water caused by adding salt first.