Closed balcony is unhealthy

Closed balcony is unhealthy

At present, more and more people are living in standardized dwellings. Such dwellings mainly have a balcony outside the bedroom or living room, and some also have a balcony outside the kitchen, so that people can enjoy the sun in the living room.

However, many homes sealed their balconies when they were renovating.

  On the surface, sealing the balcony increases the practical area of the house, which is conducive to blocking dust and dirt from entering the room, and can even perform an anti-theft function.

In fact, this approach is extremely detrimental to health because of small losses.

First of all, the balcony is sealed, making it difficult to keep the indoor air fresh, the indoor ventilation is poor, and the oxygen content is reduced; moreover, the family ‘s own pollution caused by family breathing, coughing, perspiration, etc., and the stove, cooking, water heater, etc.A variety of harmful substances. After the balcony is sealed, the indoor air circulation is poor, and prolonged centering can easily cause symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.

  In fact, sealing the balcony reduces indoor sunlight, which can cause dysplasia and rickets in infants.

Ultraviolet light in the sun can reduce the density of indoor pathogens.

Healthy people can also invigorate by enjoying the sun.

  Therefore, it is better not to seal the balcony.

However, the balcony can be appropriately beautified.

Such as planting flowers and green plants can almost beautify the room, and it is conducive to fresh air and reduce pollution.