Your temperament is suitable for certain occupations

Your temperament is suitable for certain occupations

If in the process of career selection, you can take into account your own temperament type and choose a career that is suitable for you, you will be able to give full play to your advantages and strengths and achieve achievements.

  Bile quality Bile quality is also called uninhibitable and belongs to combat type.

People of this temperament type have strong toxicity, quick response, and optimism, but they are impatient and irritable and have patience.

This kind of person is suitable for doing exciting and challenging work, such as tour guides, show hosts, salesmen, actors, models, etc.

Bile people are not suitable for work sitting in the office or not moving around all day.

  Multi-blooded type Multi-blooded people, also known as lively, are agile and active.

Strong adaptability, good at communication, quick and flexible in the new environment; high efficiency, but variable goals, easy to transfer interest.

The career choices of people with more blood are more extensive, such as journalism, foreign affairs, service staff, consultants, etc.

People with high blood quality are not suitable for meticulous and monotonous work, and the environment is too quiet.

  Mucus type Mucus type is also called quiet type, which belongs to silent and quiet type.

This kind of person is solid, stable, persistent and focused, and good at patience.

This type of person is suitable for managers, office clerks, accountants, cashiers, announcers, etc.

Mucus is not suitable for changeful and challenging work.

  Depressive type Depressive type, also known as easy-to-inhibit type, is a type that is rigid and shy.

This kind of person has delicate feelings, is careful in doing things, and is good at detecting small details that others cannot observe.

But depressive people have poor adaptability, are prone to fatigue, are slow to move, shy, lonely, and suffer from small groupings.

This type of person is suitable for custodians, laboratory technicians, appointors, nurses, researchers, etc.

Depressed people are not suitable for work that involves dealing with various characters, changes a lot, and consumes a lot of physical and mental energy.