“east.Qiao Tianyu from Tokyo?Joe.Do not,Brother-in-law,You also know that there is another Qiao Tianyu in Tokyo?”All the hairs on Arthur’s body stand upright。

“Haha,of course,I also know that besides Tokyo, there is a Qiao Tianyu,China has one more,One more in Dubai!Hahaha.”Qiao Tianyu laughed。
“Brother-in-law,Who is the real Qiao Tianyu?,Who is the fake Qiao Tianyu??”Arthur tried to ask。
“Hi,A person’s name is just a sign,What is true or false?it does not matter!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and waved。
“lets change a topic,Arthur,I think you should call your sister now,Tell her everything you see。”
“Oh oh,exactly!I will fight now!”
Arthur is a good obedient boy,Qiao Tianyu took out his phone immediately after speaking,Called Lily,Describe what he saw and heard at the Horizon Fund headquarters one by one。
“what?They really want to short yen?”Lily in Tokyo was so shocked that her jaw was about to fall,“You let that Qiao Tianyu answer the phone!”
“Hey,Lily,Miss me,Haha.”After taking the phone,Qiao Tianyu of New York said with a smile。
“you.You are really Qiao Tianyu?”Lily said into the microphone,But his eyes are fixed on Qiao Tianyu in Tokyo。
And Qiao Tianyu of Tokyo shrugged and spread his hands to Lily,That he is also Qiao Tianyu, no doubt。
First0301chapter truth
“Haha,Lily,Can’t you even hear my voice??So sad!”Qiao Tianyu from New York laughed。
“okay,No kidding,It’s not easy to tell me from the real,After a while the short-selling war started,Just look at my trading skills?”
“I go!I’m so crazy by you!”Lily“Snapped”Hung up。
But after putting down the phone,After learning that Qiao Tianyu really wanted to short yen,No need to worry about life safety,Not only did Lily not show any sense of relief,On the contrary, the whole person becomes hideous。
“Qiao Tianyu,I think you are really impatient,You dare to short the yen,Let the donkey kick your head?!”
Lily tore off the disguise of being greedy for life and fear of death,Restored her true qualities as a strong woman,Pointing at Qiao Tianyu and yelling。