No one speaks,The atmosphere in the conference room is extremely heavy。
Actually Anthony·Fokker’s last sentence is replaced by“Should we raise the white flag to surrender to Chen Geng”More appropriate,It’s too embarrassing to just say that,But even if you don’t say,The shareholders of Fokker、Executives actually understand,Today’s meeting,Rather than called“How does Fokker deal with COMAC’s foundry‘tay’Turbofan engine assembly”Might as well call“How to surrender to Chen Geng will show us more face”Come right。
“I think it’s not that serious。”In a dull state,Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Fred·Defen speaks,He spoke,Attracted the attention of the blockbuster。
“Mr. Defen,What do you mean?”Anthony·Fokker frowned,Asked。
“Very simple,”Fred·First, Difen nodded slightly to everyone,Then said:“No matter what we think,The reality is Fernandez·Mr. Chen and Rawls·Royce reached a foundry‘tay’Engine and‘Spey’After the engine agreement,In the world, only China Commercial Aircraft Group is the only manufacturer‘tay’Series engine、At the same time5500Kg to6500Kilo-thrust aero engine company。From this perspective,To some extent,Mr. Fernandez has grabbed my lifeline and vitality。”
No one speaks,The executives and shareholders all silently acknowledged this:Yes,Fernandez·Chen got hold of it。
Fred·Defen went on to say:“and so,Based on this,Considering the dilemma we are currently in,Whether it’s financial or other……”
Speaking of which,He shrugged:“and so,Gentlemen,I want to ask everyone a question:To us,Except for a total compromise with Mr. Fernandez、Promised him all the conditions,Do we have other options?Or,In the current situation,Who can give more tolerant terms than Mr. Fernandez?”
Anthony, who was prepared to talk·Fokker,Suddenly I can’t say a word:Yes,Facing such a severe situation,Does Fokker have other options?
“In this case,Then just vote,”Vice Chairman Jack·Schwarzer also spoke:“Gentlemen,Agree with Fernandez·Mr. Chen’s previous conditions,Please raise your hand。”
Finished,Jacka·Schwarzer raised his hand first。
Follow Jack·After Schweizer,Fred·Difen also raised his hand。
Massim·Fairhagen look at Jack·Schwarzer,Look at Fred·Defen,Look at Anthony·Fokker,slowly,He hesitated but raised his hand slowly。
See Maxim·Verhaven raised his hand,Anthony·An idea suddenly emerged in Fokker’s heart:The trend is gone!
Massim·Who is Verhagen?
He insisted on getting on the horseF70Group executives of the project、director,Falkland-United Aviation Technology Corporation4.72%Shares of,It can be said,F70The project embodies the hopes of the Verhagen family,But now,Massim·Verhagen has given up、Raised the white flag,What other people would think?
How to see?