But the old man of the dragon guard has no intention of entanglement with each other,Because there is no need at all。

When the opponent rushed over, he disappeared into this world,The black devil crashed into the golden light again,Roar of pain,But can’t do anything。
The old man dragon guard returns to the bottom last floor,See the scene,I can feel what happened just now,Especially seeing Xia Chenglong in a coma,Showing a kind face。
Chapter five hundred and forty five afterwards
The dragon species at the moment seems to have changed,It floats uncontrollably in the air,Radiate a divine light for a while。
This light has magical power,It is filled with extremely pure aura。
“Stop sitting,Quickly absorb,This is of great benefit to you。”The old dragon guard looks at others,Speak without hurries。
No one else is too nonsense,Quickly cross-legged absorption。
have to say,This energy really has a very good effect,Not only recovered their injuries quickly,And it will continue to strengthen in the following time。
Such a strong aura,At this speed,One hour of cultivation may be worth ten days of cultivation,The most important thing is its own special strength。
See everyone practicing,Long guard veterans have time to come to Xia Chenglong,Checking his body。
Most of the internal bones in the body have fractured,Spiritual energy and blood energy are squeezed to the extreme,If you consume a little more,I’m afraid I don’t need others to do it,He will hang up。
What surprised the dragon guard,Xia Chenglong’s body does not seem to be as fragile as imagined,Especially when I feel the dragon scales on my chest and the heart with a hint of golden light,This makes people sigh so good。
The hardest things in the world appeared on him,This allowed him to keep his last breath。