Video-Do you have a scoop on the limit of three thousand?

Video | Third-three thousand, did you take that scoop?
Please wait while the video loads. Automatically play the playfall drop limit forward and backward stocks to see Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, comprehensive, to help you tap the potential theme opportunities!  The original title fell to 3,000, did you take that scoop?丨 Resumption theory plunged 7.72% of the more than 3,000 limit stops felt a little “hypoxic”. The heartbeat accelerated for 10 days, and the first day of release was “tuned up, shocked,” and it was understandable.But the big A shares still opened my eyes for investors and so on!After experiencing the limit of thousands of shares, the limit of thousands of shares, and today experienced the “strike” of the limit of 3,000 shares, this investment road is really really successful.(Cover your face) You talk about it, it does n’t matter if you lose money, it makes sense to lose it!The collective bidding exceeded the limit of over 3,000 shares. This money was lost, just like it encountered “robbery”. There is no reason to speak!In the early morning, looking at the “eye protection” full of screens, I thought it might as well be a “fuse”. At least, I could save half a day of electricity costs (covering my face).Zhengchou people did not fall. The “10,000 points” also dropped by more than 200 points. The market value of the market evaporated 461.8 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the total market value of ICBC, Maotai, Agricultural Bank of China and Ping An of China, which is not tomorrow.Obediently, this infinitely magnified emotional face is really powerful!In addition, this fall also strengthened the market cohesion-the index fell with individual stocks!Institutions, large households, hot money, 青岛夜网 foreign countries, and retail individuals can’t run, so we can help each other and overcome difficulties!  Except for the measures released by “Yangma” last night and restricting short selling, many shareholders are still counting on “Guo Jia Team” to hedge the market. To be honest, more than 3,000 stocks were opened and fell, with no liquidity.Even if the “Guo Jia team” bullets on the board are “meat buns hit dogs”!Only, the “Northbound Fund” that ran 10 billion before the holiday today went the other way, slowly picking bloody chips on the daily limit board. As a result, it closed its head and ate 20 billion without knowing it.Not full!Just like Buffett’s famous saying, “I am greedy when others are horrified, I am horrified when others are greedy.” Well, do n’t be sad, stockbrokers will open the same market tomorrow!After the 重庆耍耍网 risks have been substantially released today, it is time to take advantage.Jun did not see Duanziyun: “Friends with a full warehouse don’t need to mind, the disease is controlled, and your money will come back naturally.”