Beware of workplace honeymoon changing into cold war

Beware of “workplace honeymoon” changing into “cold war”

White-collar workers in the honeymoon period of the workplace have the following characteristics: First, through the innocence and ignorance of newcomers in the office; Second, have about 10 years of work experience, small business success and there is room for improvement; Third, familiar with the work environment and the companyCultural atmosphere; Fourth, although there are some “three high” symptoms such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and high blood sugar, the body is still strong and energetic.
  Are you enjoying the “workplace honeymoon”?
To remind you, in order to prevent the great gap after the honeymoon, you must keep your head clear.
Because a girlfriend’s workplace honeymoon has just been brutally interrupted and is chewing on bitterness.
  The girlfriend worked for exactly ten years, and after graduating from college with a short period of other work experience, she entered the business department for more than eight years.
University degree, work experience, business qualifications, strong motivation, and most of the other people in the department are “old, weak and disabled”, and the current department manager will soon be promoted to the top of the company.
Girlfriend is as excited as her boss, because this vacancy should, of course, be filled by her.
This is not “Toad wants to eat swan meat”, his girlfriend is really in good condition, climbing to the position of department manager seems like a natural thing.
The end result is that the department manager is expected to rise to the top, but the vacancy is occupied by a “talent” specially introduced by the company CEO.
  The lost emotion instantly surrounded his girlfriend, as if the marriage had entered the Cold War from the honeymoon, not to mention how awkward.
  People are not as good as the sky, things are prone to change, and career development is restricted by many factors.
What’s more, there is a frequent flow of talents at the moment, and there are always senior people in the office.
But life still has to continue. How to balance the mentality of possible imbalance and maintain your enthusiasm for work?
  It is always the first priority to put competition awareness into the workplace.
The current workplace is full of crouching tigers and newcomers, and we must always maintain a competitive philosophy and competitive posture to adapt to the eternal changes in the workplace.
Do not think that after a period of hard work, there will be an “old book”, and in the current fierce competition, there is no old book to eat.
The story of “Rabbit and Turtle” that we learned from a young age is not only used to educate children.
  Secondly, at any time, you can’t feel too good about yourself. Maybe you think you are competent enough, but your boss may not appreciate it, or he has a better candidate.
The ancients did not say, “Blessed is the place where evil comes, and where the place lies.”
The wisdom of the ancients also applies to the modern workplace.
  Third, don’t make mistakes.
The trick to avoiding gains and losses is to work for yourself, not your boss.
We do our work to improve ourselves and enhance our competitiveness, so that we wo n’t be complacent when we get praise from our bosses; we get discouraged when we are criticized by our bosses.
  In addition, while at work, although you must have a sense of competition, you must not take your shortcomings longer than others, as that will only increase the prestige of others.
Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. The key is to give play to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.
  As a person in the workplace, we must always insist on continuously improving ourselves.
If this is a creed, then success is only a matter of time.
When you look back on your career, maybe the honeymoon in the workplace was interrupted by “superior”, or an important turning point in your entire career!